Simplified Systems was founded on the idea that thereís a better way of creating software solutions. Simplified takes a whole new approach to the relationship between business and technology to improve the quality of custom software applications while cutting the time and costs of acquiring these much-needed solutions. Simplified empowers its customers by providing a simple unified platform for achieving just that. Its suite of services enables its users to build custom software applications quickly and easily to meet their evolving business needs. The Simplified Enterprise Platform reduces and automates the tasks common to all business software, while bridging the gap between those who understand the business and the technology that their business rely upon. The tools are developed with the intent that the individuals who understand the business have the power to leverage technology to enhance the business. Now it is possible for companies to focus their resources on their core competencies and not on the business of developing software.

Simplified Systems is a New York based company located on Wall Street. Simplifiedís founders have experience in building vertical solutions, customizing third-party products, and developing custom applications. Their wide and extended experience in the software industry led to the development of their platform from seeing the common needs of companies across industries.

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